Plasma for any Branch

More and more branches find out, that Plasma Treatment is the ideal response to their unsolved surface problems.
If You make Your surface treatment with Plasma in future You are able to eliminate aggressive chemistry from Your production process and you will no more need do care with the complicated handling of harmful substances.
Most essentially however You will find solutions  for problems which cannot be solved by conventional technologies.

Plasma - Components


Converts the surface of any material

Plasma Technology is Nanotechnology. It works with with an exactness of molecular dimensions.

But anyhow it creates completely new surface characteristics of Your substrate.:

  • When etching the surface of a substrates the depth of the etched strusture may typically be below 1 µm, but anyhow the effective surface may increase by more than 100%.
  • Anisotroic etching enables the creation of geometrical structures with structure dimensions of less than 1 µm.
  • Plasma Coating creates surface layers which are below 1 µm but completely change parameters like friction, abrasion, wetting, adhesion.
  • Plasma Activation can provide good glueing, printing, coating adhesion even on completely non-adhesive surfaces.
  • Any kind of surface treatment can only be efficient, if it is able to achieve the surface. If a surface is contaminated by (often invisible) dirt, grease, release agents or oxide layers, any surface treatment may be without any function. Therefore prior to any other plasma process a plasma high-puridity cleaning of the surface is indispensable.





Novelties in the World of Plasma

First industrial large scale Plasma System by Plasma-Components

To enable using Plasma-Components for treatment of large components or of big series, Plasma-Components introduces its first large scale Plasma System with dimensions of up to 5000 liters. Plasma is constant and homogenous even in such big volumes and all surfaces of large components can be treated in one single process step.

large plasma system
Plasma-Components large scale Plasma systems can be used for the treatment of complete car bumpers or instrument pannels. These devices are individually optimized according to the requirements of the application.


New home for Plasma-Components

An inspiring  ambience for top research on high end products.

In the green ressort of South Germany, in the Black Forest close to the source of river Nagold, situated in the pictoresque historic town Altensteig You will find the new home of Plasma-Components

We are anyhow well linked to Autobahn A 81.

Here You can se how to find us!


Plasma-Components presents:





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