Cost efficient surface treatment for any application

Plasma systems
Plasmalution L with PC control and Plasmalution M equipped with multifunctional rotary switch. Multifunctional Plasma systems applicable for any plasma process

Plasmalution - Systems:

  • Completely new surface quality
  • economically optimized
  • for small and medium substrate dimensions
  • for almost any application

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Our full service offer comprises:


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Our Low Pressure Plasma systems are available with the following control units:

Electronic Control: Semi automatic

Process control is organized semi autmatic: A rotary switch which selects all process steps makes process control extremely simple. The process time is controlles by an analogous timer. Parameters to be selected: Process time, Power, Process gas selection, pressure.

The system protects from process errors.


Electronic Control: PC

The plasma system can be controlled manually or completely automatic on a Windows PosReady based 7" Touchdisplay .

PCCE control
Comfortable control of all parameters on a touch screen pannel.