A lot of work for plasma in plastic industry

The surface energy of most plastic materials is low so that they are wetted unsufficiantly by glues, lacquers and coating dyes. Therefore these plastics cannot be painted or glued by conventional methods. A solution has been found by applying chemical primers which are able to provide functional chemical groups on the plastic surface. However many of the most efficient primers have been prohibited because of their aggressive and hazardous efects.

Activation in an Oxygene low pressure plasma has the same or better effect than the  most efficient primers without endangering the enviroment by hazardous effects.

Even PTFE can be painted or glued with very good adhesion after Etching in a Hydrogene plasma.

Elastomeric Sealings with low surface friction

Surfaces of elastomeric sealings are often characterized by a strong static friction. Very often this effect is undesired. In some cases, mainly when beeing left in a constant configuration under external stress, sealings may permanently adhere to their sealing partnes, in other cases when beeing used for sealing of dynamically operating components, high static friction often causes undesired Stick-Slip-effects.

Plasma provides the solutions needed:

In some cases halogenation by plasma can provide low friction surfaces of the elastomere itself. 

More and more common use is coating of the seals ba a PTFE-based lacquer which provides very low coefficient of friction. A major requirement to these lacquers is a high elasticity and a perfect adhesion to the substrate. Perfect adhsion is provided by Plasma-treatment of the seals prior to painting.

PTFE lacquer
PTFE lacquer coatings reduce the coefficient of friction a lot and provide perfect appearance.


Plasma treatment has provided many new applications for plastic dual-injection technologies because it provided adherence for many material combinations which didn't adhere sufficiently before.


Many new Hard-Soft- and Plastic-Elastomer-Applications have been enabled after Plasma high-puridity-cleaning and Plasma activation.

Multi Component injedvtion
Due to Plasma pretreatment the overinjected elastomer adheres perfecly to the thermoplastic preform