Plasma can operate in molecular dimensions

Conditions for the groth of biological specimen can be influenced by plasma treatment. Therefore the microtiters used for biological experiments are plasmatreted before use.

plasma in biology
A microtiter intended for application in a biological laboratory is treated in a Plasmalution-M by an air plasma

Microfluidic components with channels, valves and pumps with dimensions in the magnitude of 1 µm can be generated by anisotropic plasma etching. A mould of fotoresist generated by fotolithography is copied by PDMS (silicons) If the mask is plasma etched, structures may be below 1 µm.

The PDMS modell when cured can be bonded without any glue to PDMS, glass or silicon by treating both surfaces to be connetcted by oxygene plasma.



As anisotropic plasma etching enables to form structures of less than 1 µm, Plasma is an ideal tool to produce microfluidic devices.