All about Plasma-Components

Plasma-Components is a young company but works with teams of engineers and technicians who are well experienced in plasma. We have latest Know-how on the following fields:

  • Electronics
  • Vacuum technologies
  • plant engineering
  • Plasma Technology und Surface enginering
  • Detailed Know-how in Medical, biological, plastic, glueing, printing, electronic science. 

Therfore we are able to provide solutions which are superior compared to the state of art and compared to the capabilities of other manufacturers.

Except of the vacuum technology all components are developped and produced by ourself:

  • High frequency generators
  • electronic control
  • mechanical engineering

We have a team of technicans wth huge experience in plasma applications who will be able to efficiently develop processes and parameters for Your application.


Our facilities are situated in an area in northern Black Forrest which is famous for its pictoresque nature and its clean air but even for its High-Tech Industry. It is easily accesable from Autobahn A 81.